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The King of the Monsters!

Bask in the awe of the mighty Godzilla and all of Toho's Kaiju creations! They came from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, then starred on the silver screen, but the next stop for Godzilla, Mothra, Rhodan, Mechagodzilla and Toho's other titanic terrors are in your home as part of your Kaiju collection!


Toho ReAction Figure Wave 1 - Rodan Toy Name



Toho ULTIMATES! Wave 2 - Godzilla 1995 (Pre-Order) Toy Name Pre-Order



Toho ULTIMATES! Wave 2 - Mechagodzilla (Pre-Order) Toy Name Pre-Order



Toho T-Shirt - Kaiju Rorschach Toy Name



Godzilla ReAction Figure - Shogun Toy Name



The King of the Monsters joins Super7! 
  • Godzilla

    A Kaiju collection like no other!

    Super7's mighty menagerie of Kaiju is a wonder to behold! From the small but mighty ReAction figures to the large and in charge ULTIMATES, we've got a Godzilla action figure for any size collection!