Meet Team Super7

 The Super7 Leadership Team

Brian Flynn - Founder and Owner 

Brian Flynn is the founder and owner of Hybrid-Design and Super7 in our beloved and foggy San Francisco. Super7 was supposed to be Brian's pet side-project but it has become something much more than simply a hobby. Super7 began in 2001 as a magazine focused on his obsessive collecting of vintage Japanese toys. Now, all of these years later, Super7 has evolved into a thriving retail brand that is still an extension of Brian’s original passion. As the Super7 company manifesto says: “No one made what we wanted. So we made it ourselves.”

Maigread Eichten - CEO

Maigread Eitchen has been an extended member of the Super7 team since 2010, consulting with Brian Flynn as he turned his passion into a business. Over the years, Maigread continued to consult with Super7, using her experience as a multiple-time venture-backed CEO of companies with $100 million+ in revenue, to guide the company’s growth. Now, as CEO, Maigread is thrilled to be an official part of bringing renewed life to characters that she grew up with like Peanuts. She is excited to drive and guide Super7’s explosive growth through its expansion beyond direct-to-consumer to wholesale and beyond.

Josh Herbolsheimer - VP of Design

Josh Herbolsheimer is a wandering space cadet searching the galaxy for weird toys, old comic books, and some time to sleep under the stars. Somewhere along the way he lucked out and got to make cool stuff for a living and as VP of Design guides the creative side of Super7. Josh joined Team Super7 in 2006 and as one of the earliest crew members has helped build Super7’s unique creative perspective and our amazing team.

Bart Silberman - Director of Sales & Licensing

A lover of all things nerd (toys, collectibles and Major League Baseball), Bart Silberman brings his passion and more than 30 years of licensing and sales experience to Super7. Bart joined Team Super7 as its lead rainmaker for all things sales and licensing, having previously been VP of Creative and Licensing at Retro Brand, Owner of Moonlight Graham, and Director of Sales, Marketing & Merchandising at Reyn Spooner. Bart bleeds Dodger Blue, and Super7’s new Supersports brand is taking the field in no small part to his 25-year history working with Major League Baseball.

Irene Leung - VP of Operations

Irene Leung joined Team Super7 in 2017 and is a Canuck who left the forests and mountains of the north to venture south with her family. Formerly a product manager at KiwiCo and at Houzz, Irene has adopted the San Jose Sharks as her new home team, adopted Super7’s Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire mascots as personal favorites, and has taken the lead in bringing Super7 products to life and into stores and homes worldwide.

Chloe Goodrich - Controller

Hailing from the Emerald Isle of Ireland, Chloe Goodrich brings a wealth of financial experience to Super7 from her previous life as a Director of Finance, having worked in startups, ecommerce and retail. Chloe immediately jumped in to wrestle and tame the numbers all while discovering a love for Super7’s Japanese vinyl figures.

Aaron Eiland - Art Director

Aaron Eiland, a creative juggernaut with experience across apparel, illustration and packaging, found his home with Super7 in 2016. Alongside Josh, Aaron brings our unique creative aesthetic and vision to life in Super7’s toys and collectibles. A former Senior Graphic Designer at Fossil Group, Aaron now leads Super7’s creative team as it reimagines and relaunches unexpected licenses like Major League Baseball and Toxic Avenger, while always staying true to Super7’s roots with collaborations with punk rock legends the Misfits and heavy metal icons Slayer.

Tracy Murberger - Sales Manager

Tracy Murberger, a former retail buyer for the San Francisco Giants and Director of Merchandising at Gymboree, recently joined Team Super7 to support its incredible sales growth. Tracy’s experience as a buyer and merchandiser brings a fresh and unique perspective to Super7 as it expands its wholesale business and continues to build a customer-centric business. As a die-hard baseball fan, Tracy is especially excited about Super7’s partnership with Major League Baseball and the new Supersports brand.

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