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Super7 Aliens (2017) vs. Kenner Alien (1979)

Something sinister is stirring on LV-426......WARNING!...ALIENS are here! The iconic 1979 science fiction thriller ALIEN launched not only a new franchise of space-terror, but created one of the most amazing toys ever made! The infamous 1979 Kenner Alien giant-sized action figure captured the imagination of a generation – many of whom never even saw the nightmare-inducing film!

Legend has it that the original Alien giant-sized action figure was deemed too frightening for children and was quickly pulled from toy shelves, resulting in the 'Big Chap' becoming one of the most sought-after toys on the secondary market today. Whether through mythical recall or simply not connecting with a market, the dream of an army of giant-sized Xenomorphs has had it's bubble (chest) burst...until now!

The Super7 Super Size Alien Warrior action figure is the imagined successor to the 1979 Kenner Alien Action Figure - standing an amazing 18" tall, the Super Size Alien Warrior features a painstakingly faithful sculpture, recreating the original Kenner Alien, but changed to match the suit in the second film. This Xenomorph featured a different head, arms, and feet than the original Alien. Here are side-by-side comparisons of 2017 vs. 1979.

Super7 has made every effort to replicate what made the original toy special. Imagining what would have happened if Kenner had initial success with the first figure and went on to release toys for the sequel. Super7 poured over every detail while bringing the 1986 Aliens Xenomorph Warrior to life, including the terrifying triggered inner jaw and picture laden outer box!

The Super7 Aliens warrior is a must have for the collection of any Alien/Aliens fan. If you miss out on this it’s truly, "Game over, man.. Game over!"


May 2020 Update: The Super7 SuperSize Aliens 18" Figure is now sold out and unavailable.

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