The Never-Before-Made G.I. Joe Characters in Super7’s ReAction Collection!

If you know Super7, you know we love a good deep cut, so of course our collection of G.I. Joe ReAction figures are going to include the toys we always wanted but no one ever made before! The second wave alone included not one, not two, but FOUR characters who have never previously been made in toy form. Here’s a look at all of the G.I. Joe characters, or variations of a character, making their toy debut with a Super7 ReAction Figure!

Arctic Rescue Vehicle with Snake Eyes & Blind Woodsman
Snake Eyes was facing a grim end as he was lost in an Arctic storm, suffering from radiation poisoning, AND attacked by a polar bear- until a Blind Woodsman came to his rescue! This hero finally gets his own toy, highlighting one of the most memorable moments in the entire G.I. Joe animated series, alongside a unique Snake Eyes that glows red in the dark!

Bazooka (Arctic Gear)
While Bazooka figures have existed, this is the first time he has been made in his arctic gear, as seen in the early episodes of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero- check him in the “Three Cubes to Darkness” episode here!

Gamemaster Drone
In “The Gamesmaster” episode of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, the Gamesmaster took Cobra Commander, Baroness, Lady Jaye, and Flint all hostage, forcing them to work together to escape! The Gamesmaster’s clown-faced, robotic toy soldiers are a deep cut sure to delight the biggest G.I. Joe fans.

Cobra Shocktrooper
As seen in the M.A.S.S. Device storyline! When Cobra needed to defend their relay star satellite against the G.I. Joe’s killer satellite sent to destroy it, Destro teleported in the space-ready Cobra Shocktroopers! These ReAction figures come with three variants to choose from in multiple accent colors and different rifle styles.

G.I. Joe Sailors
The G.I. Joe Sailors are often seen in the background, but have never been made in their sailor uniforms! These ReAction Figures all have Navy-inspired casual "blueshirt" uniforms with white hats and either bearded, clean-shaven, or mustache facial detail, with each figure style also being available in pink, tan, or brown color variants.

PSA Roadblock and Mutt

The G.I. Joe animated series was famous for its Public Service Announcements at the end of each episode, but over time, some of the clips were repurposed into somewhat less clear-cut messages. Roadblock was way ahead of his time in recognizing the importance of self-care. K9 Unit Handler & I.T. Bandwidth Specialist, Mutt, had his tireless pursuit of sufficient bandwidth to become the first human computer. Super7 memorialized both with their own ReAction Figures.

G.I. Joe Female Combat Engineers

Defending freedom from the threat of Cobra isn’t just a job for the men! The G.I. Joe Female Combat Engineers are based on a concept that never made it to production in the early-80s. These ReAction Figures come in nine different combinations of hairstyle, skin tone, and weapon accessory. 

Cobra Snakeling Factory Workers

Cobra Commander and his advisors are always coming up with grand ideas for inventions in pursuit of world domination, but when it comes down to actually producing these devices, the Cobra Snakelings are the ones actually getting their hands dirty. They are only seen in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero episode “The Pyramid of Darkness” - watch it here!

Stay tuned as the Super7 alliance with G.I. Joe continues with more unexpected characters and releases in the future. Check out the current Super7 G.I. Joe Collection HERE


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