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Best of 2022

Hear from the team at Super7 about some of our favorite releases of 2022!

Best of 2022
  • Diego - Senior Designer

    Run The Jewels ReAction 2-pack

    RTJ is rad! And it's a property that only Super7 can bring to the action figure world in this awesome quality! They're magnificent figures.

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  • Ashley - Product Line Manager

    Peanuts Supersize Snoopy (Newsprint Grayscale)

    I grew up reading the Sunday Funnies, so this hits close to my heart! I love the mix of materials from the soft vinyl to the felted ears, and real collar with metal tag. What made me need to take it home for real though was the adoption certificate and pet carrier box complete with air holes! Snoopy smiles proudly at me daily now and continues to melt my heart even on my grumbliest most grief filled days.

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  • Sarah - Art Director, Packaging

    Supersize Mummyboy (Glow in the dark)

    He's cute even without mas-scare-a. He's spooky (crossing him is a grave mistake). And lastly, he'll keep all the secrets I tell him under wraps.

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  • Kowanda - Staff Accountant

    Firefly Bomber Jacket

    The mind blowing attention to detail on the GI Joe COBRA Firefly jacket is what makes an amazing collectible to have. The material is amazing quality and super warm as well. This is one you don't want to miss out on.

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  • Allie - Art Director

    Toxic Avenger x Brain Dead ReAction - Toxie (Glow)

    Three terrific brands creating a toxic trifecta. This release hits so many high notes it's hard to describe why it's one of the best things Super7's made in 2022 (and maybe of all time). I've been watching Troma films since I was a kid (sorry, mom and dad) - seeing this property being treated with so much love by two brands I adore was a real treat.

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  • Derek - Senior Print Production Designer

    G.I. Joe ReAction Snakelings Box Set

    They promised us jetpacks...and here they are, complete with Cobra Troopers to fly them! And that's just the tip of the Pyramid, because this set has everything a Joe (or Cobra) recruit could ever want, including a ROBOT! Growing up a Joe-loving kid, this set fills me with joy. It also has AMAZING packaging that will look supersnazzy on your shelf.

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  • Nomi - Associate Art Director

    Supersize Pinocchio

    This Pinocchio figure is the Pinocchio to end all Pinocchios. He looks like he walked off screen and into your arms. At 16" tall he's almost as big as a real boy, and he comes with real, tailored clothing including a ribbon trimmed felt vest and intricately embroidered lederhosen -he's just beautiful to hold and behold! He puts a smile on my face every time I walk by him.

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  • Aaron - Creative Director

    Simpsons ReAction - McBain

    A dream come true to get to make this. Mendozaaaaaaaaa!

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  • Mariel - Sales Director

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Cyborg - Clear Dragonzord

    Dragonzord is taking me back to the days when we were all Power Rangers on the playground. And come on, how cool is it to see what's on the inside?!

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  • Sam - Retail

    TMNT Ultimates Sewer Samurai Leonardo

    I have pretty vivid memories of losing the original toy in my preschool sandbox, staying late after school to look for it and never finding it. It brings back so many feelings just looking at it. Feels like I finally found it!

  • Yoko - Marketing

    Supersize Sox

    Quite simply, it's orange cats.

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  • Brian - E-Commerce & Marketing

    A tie between our Cliff Burton & Paul Baloff ReAction Figures

    These releases are very personal to me: I grew up around the Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene of the 80s. Cliff and Baloff were both heroes and friends of mine in real life. The fact that Super7 collaborated with both families to create these was special. Plus, they are THE MOST METAL action figures ever made. Fight me on Christmas if you disagree!

    Shop Heavy Metal
  • Brittany - 3D Digital Painter

    Spongebob & Patrick Glitter 2-pack

    It was one of my first Glitter Projects I got to work on, and I loved how they turned out. So Colorful and Fun just like the show. Also I'm a sucker for glittery cute sparkly things.

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  • Daniel - Retail General Manager

    Discharge ReAction Figure - Cal Morris

    I never thought I'd see the day where I could hold a figure of the band that made a massive impact upon me. Discharge brought a lyrical documentation of the savage brutality in the world matched by the savage brutality of their sound. The homage the card art pays to the first 7" just really makes this figure for me!

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  • Kyle - Associate Art Director - Ultimates

    Ghost Ultimates! Papa Emeritus II

    I'm a huge Ghost fan, as most folks know by now, and I'm immensely proud to have designed this figure. Continuing the Dark Bloodline with Papa Emeritus II in Ultimates! is a dream come true. The multiple display options, premium soft goods, and deluxe packaging make this a must have for any member of The Clergy.

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  • Alison - Senior NetSuite & Operations Analyst

    My Pet Monster Mascot T-shirt

    I attended SDCC for the first time, and this shirt was my favorite purchase from our booth. My niece and nephews get a huge kick out of my t-shirt telling everyone to "EAT TRASH" as we enter stores and such.

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  • Arian - Retail

    Mechagodzilla ReAction

    You know what's cool? Godzilla! What's cooler than Godzilla? MechaGodzilla! What's cooler than MechaGodzilla? A MechaGodzilla that fits in your pocket!

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  • Ryan - Sculptor

    SpongeBob SkullPants ReAction

    It's really hard to pick just one favorite figure from the past year, but the Spongebob Skullpants ReAction definitely stands out as something special. The Super 7 Scientists have perfected the formula for a cool toy: It's a deep cut, it's fun, and it is also weird in the best possible way!

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  • Matt - Digital Painter

    Papa Emeritus II

    Super 7 introduced me to the band Ghost! When I began working here I thought "who are these guys and why are we making them into action figures?" But once I started listening, I understood, and now think we need to 10x our Ghost output.

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  • Rous - Sales Ops Manager

    Supersize Sox

    My kids love Lightyear, but the packaging was amazing and every time I have it in the background of a meeting (with all the other stuff I have behind me), everyone loves that the most.

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  • Eamon - Sales Representative

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Michelangelo

    Mikey has always been my favorite turtle of the gang, and this Ultimate is a must have for any TMNT fan. He's got his signature nunchaku to pose him with, and the articulation in these figures even allow for them to be tucked under his elbow like a true ninja warrior ready to strike. Mikey's rad, and I think we can all agree he's the only Californian of the bunch.

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  • Joe - Product Line Manager

    Beastie Boys ReAction Figures - Intergalactic 2-Pack

    Nostalgia is what brought me to Super7. Beastie Boys + Robots + Super7, what more could you ask for!

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  • Linda - Licensing Operations Manager

    Universal Monster ReAction Luminators

    "Glow-in-the-light", what more do you need?! They look great however you display them- in their cool black and neon boxes, in regular light, or under blacklight. I added them to my Halloween mantle display and have enjoyed them all spooky season.

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  • Mike - Sr. Ecommerce Manager

    The Worst - Batula and Captain Deadstar ULTIMATES!

    The Worst are the most fun figures to collect, and the ULTIMATES! really took it up another notch. A Space Pirate with a turkey leg and a Shit List, and a Vampiric Bat in shades flippin' the bird... you can't see these and not want to know more.

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