Transformers Super Cyborg Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

Super7’s latest Transformers Super Cyborg is primed to shatter all your expectations!  The newest version of Optimus...

Transformers Super Cyborg Clear Bumblebee

Bumblebee has always shown that size doesn’t matter when fighting the evil Decepticons. The tiny but tough Autobot ma...

MMPR Joins the Super Cyborg Lineup

Behold! The Super Cyborg Megazord lets you see the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ giant robot warrior like never befor...

Soundwave Joins the Super7 Super Cyborg x Transformers Collection

One of the most iconic Decpticons, now you can really see why Soundwave is more than meets the eye! This figure, lik...

Super7 Joins Forces with G.I. Joe

Super7’s first G.I. Joe figure! Doctor Mindbender’s creation, the Cobra Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.) looks ready t...
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