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Godzilla Day 2021

Godzilla Day 2021

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but Super7 has accomplished what the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and countless monster adversaries could not: Bring the mighty Godzilla down to size!
The 3.75” Shogun Godzilla ReAction figure takes the big presence of the classic Shogun Godzilla toy and re-imagines it in a smaller package. While the original toy was awesome, the Shogun Godzilla ReAction figure with its spring-loaded retractable flame tongue and vintage graphic cardback is a much more manageable way to add The King of Monsters to your Kaiju collection.
Super7’s Godzilla Day offerings also include an embroidered crewneck that allows you to rock that big kaiju attitude without totally overshadowing the rest of your ensemble, a tie-dyed Mothra tee inspired by ‘60s movie posters, and a selection of glassware with an anatomical look at four of your favorite Toho monsters!

Celebrate the King of the Monsters with Super7 HERE!

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