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“You can’t stand it, you know we planned it!”

The legends, the innovators, finally available as 3.75" ReAction figures!

Beastie Boys - ReAction Figures and Collectibles by Super7

Beastie Boys

With its distorted baseline hook, screaming vocals, and an iconic over-the-top music video that was part parody, part homage to 1970’s crime dramas, the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” single became an instant classic! Super7 is proud to introduce Beastie Boys ReAction Figures of Ad Rock, MCA, and Mike D as their “Sabotage” music video personas: Vic Colfari as Bobby The Rookie, Nathan Wind as Cochese, and Alasondro Alegre as The Chief. It would be a crime if you missed out on locking up the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” ReAction Figures for your collection!

  • Beastie Boys

    So What'Cha Want?

    If you sabotage your collection by missing out on Super7's Beastie Boys action figures you might need someone to check your head over the mix-up.