Marusan Godzilla ReAction Figures

Godzilla is near and dear to Super7’s heart, and in fact, the King of the Monsters played a huge part in the start of Super7! The debut issue of Super7 Magazine in 2001 focused on Godzilla’s toy history, including a discussion on the very first Godzilla toy figure ever made, the 1966 Marusan Godzilla. You can check that out in its entirety here! 

Now, in conjunction with the Marusan company, Super7 pays tribute to the figure that started a kaiju revolution with new 3.75” ReAction Figure versions of the original 1966 Marusan Godzilla toy. With its “J-tail” configuration, the first ReAction release pays homage to the holy grail of all Godzilla collectors, the short-lived first-run Marusan figure of which only a handful are known to exist due to production issues. 

The Marusan Godzilla figure was quickly changed to an “L-tail” configuration that was easier to produce, leading to the version of the figure that most collectors know of today. The ReAction figures will also be available in both “J-tail” and “L-tail” variants, featuring sculpting and details any true collector will appreciate, right down to the Marusan logo stamped on the foot.

The “J-tail” edition of the Marusan Godzilla ReAction figure will be available for purchase on Friday, March 11, only on and Super7 retail store locations. The “L-tail” version will follow next month from Super7 retail partners.

Whether you need one or both in your collection, plan to snap up the new Marusan Godzilla ReAction figures before they’re history!

See the Super7 Godzilla Collection HERE.

Read more about the first Godzilla in Super7's premiere issue:

Super7 No 1

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