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Super7 Spotlight: The Weirdest

If you're a Super7 fan you already know The Worst... but are you ready for The Weirdest?! We don't think you are... The Weirdest are Super7's own villainous rejects on a path of peculiar pandemonium! We sat down and chatted with each of these new members of the Super7 World. Things are about to get weird! Let's meet them, shall we?

Meet Blööd!

Blööd, the Rock n' Roll Vampire King! Peering thröugh the slain canines öf a giant blöödthirsty bat felled with his pössessed Bat-tar, Blööd rules över his servile gröupies with a leather clad fist. Descended fröm a löng line öf vampire röyalty, Blööd is the first tö dö so in style. 

Shred or Riff?

Shriff. The bat-tar is nöt restricted tö söunds created by feable living humans.

As a royal yourself, did you watch the Royal Coronation in England?

I dön’t löwer myself tö watch TV unless there is mayhem, the undead ör dental hygiene. I can önly assume the puny British hat fitting lacked any öf that.

Are the umlauts really necessary? 

Absölutley, yöu mörtal scum.

Meet Gor-ior!

Gor-ior, the Immortal Fighter of Pain! A brutal barbarian who never knows when to quit. Though he was never much of a swordsman, each fresh fracture only reinforces his resolve, making him a real pain in the neck... and chest, and leg, and arm, and head.

Do you work out?

I pump iron through the hearts of my foes! I lift their heads from their trembling bodies, and bench press the breath from their lungs, their pain is my gain! I have a membership at the 24 Hour Gym on 7th Street.

What's the hardest part of being immortal?

When the battle is won, finding my own severed limbs in a sea of fallen enemies’ dismembered parts is a real pain. 

Do you moisturize?

Coconut oil and an oatmeal bath every day, this skin don’t happen by accident, brother.

Meet Trashquatch!

Trashquatch, the Ghastly Nasty Garbage Ghoul! In the dead of night a mysterious monster hobbles through dark alleys, gathering garbage and reclaiming rubbish. Unlucky late night litterbugs who encounter the Trashsquatch may find themselves thrown away... forever.

Do you recycle?

After I eat you, I’ll put your bones in paper and the squishy parts in plastic. I don’t want to make a mess.

Paper or Plastic?


What's the difference between trash and garbage?

Who’s askin’? Mind your own business.

The Weirdest

Super7's own villainous rejects on a path of peculiar pandemonium.

The Weirdest 

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