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Super7 x Gorilla Biscuits

Yo Sucka!
It is time to Hold Your Ground and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Gorilla Biscuits 7”! Gorilla Biscuits, Super7, and Revelation Records have partnered together to create a tribute to the amazing longevity of their self-titled 7”. Released in 1988 as Revelation Records fourth release, this third press tribute box set comes packaged in a red display box that matches the third and final of the original pressings of the 7” with the red athletic letters on the sleeve. Because so many Gorilla Biscuits fans missed the tribute purple box, Super7 and Revelation Records have worked together to give fans a chance to get the box set one more time with this retooled version that matches the red pressing of the 7”. 
The box set will include an all new pressing of the 7”on red vinyl with a large center hole and a new center label design. Each box also contains a brand-new third press tribute red Gorilla Biscuits ReAction Figure with GB logo display base. The GB display base is also a 7” large hole adapter which fits the new 30th anniversary 7”. (Then you can place the adapter on the record, the figure on the adapter and play the record with the figure spinning on it!) Lastly, the box set also comes with a 16 page booklet that chronicles the history of recording and releasing this landmark 7” record including many never before heard stories, fact and information about the record. 
Available on Monday, July 8, 2019 (Exact time to be announced) and this box set will be $60 online at

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