Return of The Worst

This is the The Worst yet! Super7 is gleeful to unleash the newest troublemakers in our own gang of the most villainous vile vermin! Now without further ado please meet Wave 2 of... The Worst:

  • CAPTAIN DEADSTAR - Cosmic Ghoul Renegade with swashbuckling cape and flaming sword.
  • CORTEX COMMANDER - Ruthless Mastermind of Chaos with clear brain dome and revolver.
  • FRANKENGHOST - Eerie Poltergeist Prisoner comes chain-wrapped in clear smoke grey.
  • RED TIGER - Brutal Champion of Carnage with cape and severed human arm.
  • SHEDUSA - Savage Shapeshifting Serpent armed with a bow and quiver of arrows.
  • WEREWOLF BIKER - Hairy Hell on Wheels armed with a pool cue.

All of these 3.75" ReAction Figures feature card art by Ed Repka. There are good guys. There are bad guys. And then there are…“The Worst”!

Visit The Worst Super7 store HERE.
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