ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Replacement Parts Booster Pack

Thank you again for purchasing ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 Figures! As we acknowledged when they shipped, there were some issues with the final product that we wanted to fix, to ensure these figures lived up to all of our expectations.

We went back and manufactured replacement parts to correct these issues, plus a bonus accessory for Panthro:

  • Panthro Shorts
  • Jackalman Guns
  • Jackalman Neck & Shoulder
  • Armor Bonus: Panthro Head with Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes

We are starting to ship this Replacement Parts Booster Pack to you this week at no additional cost! Customers who purchased ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 directly from our authorized retail partners will also receive the pack automatically.

Fans who obtained the figures from a 3rd party reseller (such as eBay) can send an e-mail to for instructions on how to receive the parts.

If your address has changed since you purchased Wave 1, please email with your updated information.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to swap out the incorrect parts on Panthro and Jackalman with your new, correct versions!

We're stoked ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 1 is in your hands. 

Thank you for supporting Super7!

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