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Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! Wave 1

Alasondro Alegré as The Chief

Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! Wave 1

Alasondro Alegré as The Chief

Pre-Order Closed
Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! Wave 1

Alasondro Alegré as The Chief

Pre-Order Closed
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He may have been around the block a time or two, but The Chief (as played by Alasondro Alegré) isn’t too old to take it to the streets and lead by example! This 7” scale, highly articulated Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! figure is inspired by the iconic “Sabotage” music video directed by Spike Jonze and features Alasondro Alegré (as “The Chief”). Featuring intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing, this figure also comes with multiple interchangeable heads and hands, and an assortment of accessories including a cop car light, a walkie talkie, a pair of binoculars, a megaphone, and an axe. Rest assured that any would-be bad guys will think twice about raiding your collection after you add this made-to-order Alasondro Alegré Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! figure!

Please note that this ULTIMATES! Figure will not come with a packaging sleeve
Exclusive Super Pack

Assemble the complete Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! Wave 1 collection and receive an exclusive Super Pack with an assortment of additional accessories based on the “Sabotage” music video-a “Sabotage” VHS tape, “Sabotage” 45 RPM single record with sleeve, and “Ill Communication” LP record with sleeve! Available only with the purchase of the full wave of Super7 ULTIMATES! figures from

Please note that all Super Pack accessories are to scale with the action figures; they are not full-size or functioning media material.

  • Accessories

    3x Interchangeable Heads

    • 1x Neutral Head
    • 1x Yelling Head
    • 1x Talking Head

    6x Interchangeable Hands

    • 2x Gripping Hands
    • 2x Expressive hands
    • 2x Pointing Hands

    1x Cop Car Light
    1x Walkie Talkie
    1x Binoculars
    1x Megaphone
    1x Axe 

  • Details and Specs
    Product Material/Process Injected Plastic & Paint
    Product Dimensions (in) 7"
    Weight 2 lb
    Wave 1
    Safety/Age 14
    Country of Origin China
  • What is a Pre-Order?

    A Pre-order is a made-to-order, limited edition release. They are available to order for a limited amount of time, are then made-to-order, and will deliver when production is completed.

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  • Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! Wave 01 - Alasondro Alasondro Alegré  (Sabotage)

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