Super7 x Iron Maiden Wave 2 ReAction Figures

"SCREAM FOR ME, SUPER7!" Screaming out of your heavy metal dreams and into real life! The Super7 collaboration with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden continues with the Limited Edition Wave 2 assortment. Officially licensed and hella cool! UP THE IRONS! ReACTION FIGURES RULE, O.K.! 

The Super7 x Iron Maiden Collection is available HERE.

Somewhere In Time Album Art - Cyborg Eddie

Stranger In A Strange Land Album Art - Outlaw Eddie (with cloth overcoat)

The Number of the Beast Album Art - The Beast

Live After Death Album Art - Risen Eddie

Flight Of Icarus Single Art - Icarus Eddie 

Piece of Mind Album Art - Asylum Eddie

Twilight Zone Single Art - Spectral Eddie


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