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Pre-Code Horror Corrupts The ReAction Figures World

Pre-Code Horror Corrupts The ReAction Figures World

In the 1940s and early 1950s, the only limit on the stories comic books could tell was the wild imaginations of their creators. This often created comics with terrifying and controversial subjects and art. Because of the public outrage, the Comics Code Authority was formed in 1954 in response to the widespread public concern over how the violence and horror of these comics influenced children.

Super7 pays homage to the early controversial stories these unfettered artists unleashed upon the masses with a collection of Pre-Code Comics ReAction Figures! Inspired by the cover art from four different comic series of the era, these terrifying characters have leapt off the yellowing pages of the classic comic books and into the third dimension! Are you brave enough to add the Pre-Code Comics ReAction Figures to your collection?

Visit the Super7 Pre-Code Comics Collection HERE.

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