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Optimus Santa Is Coming Town!

Optimus Santa Is Coming Town!

Is Optimus Prime… Santa?


  • Capable of delivering cargo lively and quickly
  • Twinkling eyes
  • Prone to loud proclamations upon completion of task
  • Brings joy to children tarnished with ash and soot (occasionally, after battle)


  • Beard as white as snow
  • Belly like a bowl full of jelly

They’re not exactly doppelgängers, but Santa doesn’t have to fight the evil Decepticons on the regular (that we know of), so some discrepancies can be forgiven.

Add a little holiday spirit to your Transformers collection with the Santa Optimus Prime ReAction figure! Reindeer-bots, ROLL OUT!

Selected as Best Geeky Gift: Collectibles for The Pop Insider's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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